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Mrs. Carey performs again for Denver Broncos

Mrs. Carey performs again for Denver Broncos

By: Nithya Anirudhan

Most people at Colleyville Heritage know Tiffany Carey as an AP Psychology or Economics teacher.  What they may not know is that she was a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos football team for three years.  On September 14, she was able to revisit that lifestyle when she took part in the Broncos’ 20th anniversary reunion, which brought all of the former cheerleaders back together.

From September 14-16 the reunion kicked off with a practice weekend during which the cheerleaders got together in a hotel to learn from a “world renown choreographer.”  After this first weekend the cheerleaders came back on Thursday, September 27, to practice setting up for their routine on the field.  A dinner party on Friday, a variety of charity events and a family barbecue on Saturday, and another practice of their field setup followed up the Thursday practice, leading up to the night of their game.  Finally on Sunday night the cheerleaders performed during the halftime show of the Broncos’ game. The show started out with the former cheerleaders performing the routine they had learned and then the current Broncos cheerleaders joining in at about the middle of the performance.

“It’s really cool because your kick line ends up extending from end zone to end zone,” Carey said describing the effect of having so many cheerleaders on one field.  Her excitement was definitely apparent when she discussed how her eight-year-old daughter attended the game with her.

“My biggest thing for me is my daughter getting to watch it [the show],” Carey said, “and so I’m really excited for her to see what mommy used to do.”

Carey now coaches her daughter’s cheerleading team, and she loves sharing the experience of cheerleading with her and seeing all of the little girls on the team having so much fun.  She will also be helping out with Dallas Baptist University’s dance team starting in the spring.

When asked to compare her teaching and cheering lifestyles to each other, Carey talked about how, in cheerleading, there is a lot of order and everything is set.  Teaching, on the other hand, can be kind of unpredictable.  She also said cheering helps her bring entertainment into the classroom.

“I love entertaining,” Carey said, “so you can say that when you get up in a classroom and you’re trying to make something exciting it [cheering and teaching] can coincide.”

Being a cheerleader is still a huge part of Carey’s life even if she is no longer cheering for the Denver Broncos.  Between coaching her daughter and bringing her experiences into the classroom setting, she is able to maintain a balanced lifestyle with many elements.

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